Thursday, May 1, 2008

Questions of the Week

Not necessarily a weekly feature, but some items have presented themselves that warrant comment. This week, a television theme.

  1. Why is Bret Michaels (of Poison fame, for those not in the know) essentially doing karaoke on that show "Don't Forget the Lyrics"? Didn't he already share a bit too much of himself on "Rock of Love"? And secondly, why is his hair so freaky...oh wait, I know, I know..."the finest European hair extensions money can buy."
  2. Why do people like that pair of fools from "The Hills" get to go to the White House Correspondents' Dinner? This is supposed to be for journalists that cover the president. Now it's all about the Hollywood guest list. (If you can even call these characters--yes that is what they are, characters--Hollywood. I should note that I have never actually watched an episode of "The Hills." I have watched plenty of "Rock of Love," however.) On a side note, the keynote speaker from our college graduation, Ann Compton, is actually the president of the WHC Association. Hmm.
  3. Why did Tom Cruise really need to go on Oprah again? And why did it have to be a big ol' field trip? Don't we all know already how sickeningly rich the two of them are? Ick. He freaks me out.
The microphone is open for any compelling answers. Discuss.


fink said...

1) i would totally rock "don't forget the lyrics"- they got bret michaels because they're afraid of me
2) i have never seen "the hills" or "rock of love", but i am a big fan of "flava of love", especially season 1
3) maybe you just need to explain to your kids that the reason you need to go back to work is that you're obviously watching too much oprah.

N said...

I'd just like to note I actually didn't watch Oprah & Tom, but was repulsed simply through media coverage.

So there.
And we heart Flavor of Love, too.