Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Start to the Day

G woke up in a fuss at 5:15am. Poor little thing has a cold and her nose is stuffy.

C said when he walked in she was trying to get at her if something was in it, or she was actually trying to take it off her face. You've got to love the fact that they still have so much to figure out.

Anyhow...poor Mama, I stayed up until it was time to take a shower, just trying to get her to sleep. Way too much to do today. At least she's back to sleep. Zzzzz....


pve design said...

Oh, poor little one, growing up is hard to do, and even more so when you are not feeling well. Hope you get a little nap later...!

Kwana said...

I'm sorry G is sick today. But I gave you a fun tag on my blog. Check it out! Don't hate me please!