Friday, May 16, 2008

Renovation: Pictures (disclaimer)

Shamefully, I was reminded just now as the bank inspector came by to take pictures of the house for our most recent draft on the construction loan that I haven't posted pics of the renovation yet.

Sorry. Once it stops raining here I'll get them taken with the new camera and do a mega-post. This weekend.

Really, we have a few things to do to get the C of O and then finishing our mess of a yard:
  • porch
  • stairs to porch
  • stairs to french doors
  • stair railing
  • doorways in the basement
Can we get it done before O's birthday party on 6/28? The race is on.

I REFUSE to let this go to August, making it an official year-long project.


pve design said...

For a little inspiration to your renovation, check out "Brooklyn Limestone" - she archived the 2 year project of renovating her place, it is not for the weak!

pve design said...

Go to Brooklyn Limestone blog to see a serious renovation, not for the timid nor the weak.
Good Luck with yours, the devil is in the "details!"