Friday, May 1, 2009

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder? And Other Happenings...

Well hel-lo strangers. I've been kind of remiss on the blog lately. 3 weeks w/o a post. Shameful. Especially with all the great photos and whatnot we've been taking.

Yesterday was my birthday. Still clinging to the 30s, almost barely. A regular day during the day but then my lovely husband treated me to a dinner at X20 in Yonkers - an outpost of the famous Xaviar's up northern way in Piermont. Yum. Definitely will need to make a return visit.

We've had a lot of developments at our house. We have a driveway! And as I type, there is a team of guys out in front of my house laying a new walk, fixing some steps. Next week...the whole lawn will get tilled and seeded and graded. Oh my. It will look like...a house. That's not in construction. Pictures to come.

G is Walking. Walking with a capital W, yes. As in, on her own, talking and carrying things, turning around, doing laps...walking. She's that "little person" now. It's too much.

Okay - consider this the clif notes update. More fun this weekend. I'll catch us all up a bit.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Don't Get Lost, Now

I had a meeting on Wednesday morning at the Harvard Club in NYC, with Susan W. Bird. I've been a number of times before, for other meetings - but I always get confused on whether it is on 44th or 45th. So, I googled it on my bb.

And I thought...huh. I really can't get lost anymore. I have a TomTom in my car, I can search for anything via mobile, anywhere I go, and pull up a map if needed. I can't get lost. Actually, that means most people I know can't get lost.

Okay, who can get lost? Well, my mom. She doesn't do the tech thing so much. We take care of a cell for her, but let's be honest...she calls me on it, and she certainly isn't going to be doing any typing on a mobile device - she doesn't have a regular email address. (Please note I'm not poking fun here; she'd be the first to tell you the same thing.)

Susan and I had an interesting conversation about it - what that means, and how it will be so strange to my children when I recount some "old" anecdote about how their dad and I got lost somewhere and they'll say "well, how did you do that? Was there no wifi or cell service in that area?" Actually...they probably wouldn't even have that issue. Le sigh.

(On a side note, Susan is fascinating, and has a fascinating company, wf360...check it out.)

So then I came home at the end of that day, and thought about it a little more, and I recall my daughter's Christening last fall. A relative got lost on his way. There was some ensuing impatience with the fact that he's "old school" (sans mobile) from certain members of my family. And how there is no it almost seems ridiculous.

Did we lose our patience that fast? Did we all just lose the opportunity to get lost and actually find something new in the process? Good, or bad? Or....both.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Personal Business

I have a friend, a mentor of sorts, introduced to me by another mentor of sorts (who, come to think of it...was introduced to me by another mentor of sorts....but I digress...), who articulated the point that business and personal interactions aren't necessarily neatly separated, and that's a good thing.

I completely agree with this. Now that I've been at this work-for-myself thing for 6 months (yee-ha, btw), I have the ability to work on what I want to work on. With who I want to work with, more importantly.

And you know what...I only reach out to the people I really enjoyed working with. Sure, I'm networking my head off, but I have the luxury of pursuing engagement with folks I liked before, and that I know I'll enjoy working with again. I've got that handful of folks in my past that I could reach out to...big positions at big places...movers and shakers, if you will...but if I didn't like working with them then, why would I now?

I can't detach people from business. People DO business. I like people. Most, anyway.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Astronomy Lesson

Apologies for being such an absent blogger. Sheesh, what good am I?

O gave me some great fodder today. We went to IKEA this weekend, picked up a new roll of paper for his easel. Hooked it up today and he started drawing late this afternoon. Of course, I am not allowed to look at it until he is finished.

Here is his masterpiece. It is a picture of "space."

"See the rocketship? That's me, me in the rocketship...and that up there, that's the alien spaceship. That alien spaceship is trying to destroy my rocket but I'm not going to let it." (note shooting in picture)

"Wow, bud - that's pretty cool. I like the spaceship, but those are bad guys, right? What's down at the bottom?"

"That's an alien."

"He's a good alien?"

"Yeah, he's a good alien. And then that (points to top of picture)...that's...uh....that's the thing in space - the thing - the thing in space that pours milk. Yeah, what is that called Mom, that thing in space that pours milk?"

"Umm...(significant pause)...the big dipper?"

"Yeah, that's the big dipper. Yeah...that's what it is."

Thursday, March 19, 2009


I have to give it to my pal K from Kwana Writes who pointed out the WAY fun site The Hero Factory. You can "make yourself" into a superhero.

Considering my dear husband is a bit of a comic book geek, I figured he would get a big kick out of seeing his wife superhero-fied. So here I am:

No, I did not come up with the name...and yes, I opted for the skirt/chick uniform. You know tailored + girly has always been my thing.

I love it! Take a spin and make yourself super today.

Okay...I'm working now.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Walk, baby, walk

G is walking! We had officially 6 steps tonight, all by herself, no holding on. So exciting!

Haven't caught her in mid-stride yet, but this is how we felt watching her, anyhow...

Oh, and happy St. Pat's! We all got in the spirit today, particularly O....

Monday, March 9, 2009


It sucks. Let's just say it, lay it on the table, get over it.
Too many people are belly-aching about the recession. Bottom line is, you have to get off your tush (as we say in this house) and deal.

I don't mean to sound unsympathetic. I have friends that have been affected, that have lost their jobs because accounts have left, financials are in disarray, management is poor, etc, etc. But you have to think about's LESS about you personally now than it may be otherwise. So you can't wholeheartedly let it get to you.

I have been consulting, as of October. Some people think I'm crazy to do that now. I am confident with some diligent searching that I can find a position, if I wanted one, in advertising.

But I'm greedy. Not

And that's a greedy that I'm ok with. Means that I want it all...enough to live a decent life, enough time to spend with my family, enough freedom, enough happy. Admittedly - it sometimes takes a while to get priorities in order and grow up. But eventually, it happens.

I say...this is actually a good time to take advantage of an opportunity out there. A different mindset than the one we're used to, and sick of.

Perhaps the country (world? am I getting too grand?) wouldn't be in this mess if everyone was a bit more life-greedy, and a bit less money-greedy. If there were less Madoffs, less CEOs that justify their millions while cutting others' salaries, less politics in the workplace. Judging people on who they are - doing business that is good.

Problem is, it just takes a handful to mess up the rest of us.

Look around you. You decide what makes you wealthy.
Happy recession. Just go out and do better on account of it.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

So If You Actually, Really, Check in Now and Again...

Go ahead, follow me. I know, I've pointed out the Twitter thing before - I don't really think many of you have taken me up on that, which is totally fine. But now I've added the "Following" module down thar to the ol' blog.

So help me not be embarrassed by having only one fan (bless your heart, K) and please show some love. You're not required to comment, don't worry. :-)


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

G1 Summit!

Time goes WAAAAYYY too fast.

Little baby G turned a year old this past Saturday! Oh my. How is she that big already? I'm floored. Good morning, sunshine! Thanks for being a birthday girl for us with breakfast.

And here she is opening her penguin from her brother.

We had a party and it was a blast. Family and friends joined us for her big day (which nicely fell on the weekend this year). Here are some pics from our little soiree for our little cupcake.

Her cake featured "chocolate art" created by our wonderful in-village bakery, The Riviera Bakehouse - now there's an example of a business that changed owners and remained a quality operation. It matched the invites, courtesy of Tiny Prints. (If you don't know Tiny go online and introduce yourself.)

And here is her big birthday news...she is standing on her own! Okay, we don't have a photo yet but it's adorable...the way she kind of stands like...she's surfing. Hilarious.

She is such a wonderful, happy, verbal, demanding, love of a baby girl. Once again, we're so lucky.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Chopped Inspiration

C and I do not watch a lot of "quality television" or even "hits". We make totally questionable choices that we're often embarrassed to admit. I will say we both enjoy "Life" quite a bit, as well as "Paranormal State". I know, I know. Honestly not worth discussing most of the rest of it.

However, one other theme that carries throughout our TV-watching is FOOD. Food Network (almost anything but Emeril), anything on public access...anything food. Recently, there has been a new show introduced (at least to us), "Chopped." Stars Ted Allen as the host; you know, the food guy from "Queer Eye".

Premise is this: four competitors, three courses. A competitor's dish is on the "chopping block" each round. Trick is, they hand you a basket of random - and I mean random - ingredients that you must use.

Many times people get booted for not using all the ingredients, not cooking their food properly (there's a time limit for each round), lack of creativity, etc. Best ousting? Messed up and used salt instead of sugar in his dessert.

Well, this has been a long copywriter friends would likely scold me for that. Long story short, Chopped is a bit of an inspiration of late.

If you are one of the very few dear regular readers of this blog, you'll know that on occasion I post up a "Dinner Surprise" post. Tonight I really did a dinner surprise. But I forgot to take a photo of it. Ditto with yesterday.

Dinner surprise recipe, no plan, seat of my pants.

Yesterday: Seared shrimp with fresh parsley and mint, butter and orange zest, served over Israeli couscous; side dish: sauteed cauliflower.

Today: Boneless pork chops, lightly grilled then baked with coconut milk, black beans, green onions, cumin, lime juice...and banana. Side dish: my homemade guacamole.

Verdict from C and O: thumbs up on both! Woo-hoo. G ate well too. I am so proud.

I don't really know what the point of this post is except to show that I can cook creatively. Yep, that's it.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Organizational High

Isn't it wonderful when things just come together?

I am finally pulling together our little back room as my office. A real desk chair, filing, a place for everything. Places that actually make sense.

We went to Target this weekend in search of bins, baskets, containers, thing to put things in. We have a shelving unit from Crate and Barrel we got years ago that's affixed to the wall. We've got video game bits, stationery, photos/memorabilia that needs to be put into albums, books, albums, some of my son's craft/work books...all of which needs to be somewhere.

Cue the angels singing. There they were, staring at me on an endcap in Target. Orla Kiely flowered fabric-covered storage containers. Ooh la la! We were meant to be! Check them out.

We had only picked up three. I am now so in love that I am sending my husband to grab some more this week. (Mind you, can't find them online.)

Glamorous, no; but adorable. I like comfortable. Now a happier little nook.
Perhaps I am getting to the 2009 organization resolution a bit late...but better late than never.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Miss G Makes Milestones

Alliteration always makes things sound important, doesn't it?

Well our little lady has conquered a series of before her upcoming big "1" birthday, let me tell you where she is in her adventures.
  • Standing. On her own. But only when she's not paying attention that we've let go of her hands.
  • We've got cruising, full speed ahead. Those little well-shod feet are working hard.
  • Babbling. And some words. She mimics us quite a bit. "Bye-BUH" (bye-bye) and "eyees" (eyes) and mama and dada and a half-variant of our son's name which is insanely cute.
    "Hi" and "apple" and "cookie" and some version of "Cheerio" and...oh, it is so FUN. She's got this kind of raspy little voice.
  • She loves, loves, loves books. Can sit and flip through board books for ages.
  • She sleeps with her blankie, pink spotty puppy and the little pink bear that her brother picked out for her before she was born.
  • She just busted her 8th tooth! The last few days have been tough with a lot of back-arching and scream-crying. But it has freed itself. The scary part is that we know that two more are close behind!
Not to mention, as you can see...I think she's getting some bad-ass hair. Must be her dad's.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Supper Club, Baby

File this one under "well, did you take long enough?"

Prior to the end of the year, we got a lovely invite from friends up the street - those whom we share post-renovation stress disorder with - for a black tie potluck dinner. Really! Because that is how we roll in the Freshchester suburbs...during a recession.

The rules were:
  • Dress up like you are going to a "fancy wedding".
  • Bring a dish. And if you want, bring what's in your fridge...leftovers are totally legit.
  • Kids welcome (of course). And yes, they dressed.

Now, as I alluded to above, E & J recently renovated their home and it came out positively gorgeous (check out the wild kitchen...fabulous). It created a courtyard of sorts right in the "middle" of the house - really in two parts - so unique and absolutely perfect for entertaining. I love it. (Once you've renovated you can really appreciate the thought and creativity that people put into their house renovations.)

Not to mention the adorable kitchen booth that the kids took over for dinner.

Well, we didn't go quite black tie but I think we pulled it off pretty well. (Yeah...there were no pictures of me. I'm ok with that.)

We had such a good time--let's hope they didn't think they were going to get rid of us earlier than they did--one of our other friends commented "I'm not sure if they knew that we're always the ones that close down the party." Which is totally true. Yes, even with the kids. God knows, after all that wine we stayed for hours playing Catchphrase.

That's C with little G right there. She partied like a rock star, falling asleep during our wild and highly competitive play of Catchphrase. (Wine makes you creative, people.)

We decided collectively that an official "supper club" is in order. We have a couple options:
  • Seasonal: Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall
  • Themed: for example, this was black-tie potluck
See, I needed to post this before we set the next one!
What's your vote? I knight myself (okay, I think I was nominated) official blogger for the club...most likely because I have the least-focused blog in the village anyhow. I find myself saying "club" like Fitty. What is up with that?


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

So Why, Exactly, Are My Posts Dwindling?

Nope, not comments. Not visits. My actual posts.

For those of you who take the time to check in, I'm sorry I've been so negligent. I do appreciate the visits, so to me...worth the effort to apologize for lame-ness.

What's been keeping me so busy? Well...

I've been working on a new music discovery site, GrokMusic. Check it out! When we officially launch, I'll tell you much more about it. Suffice it to say for now that you can lose yourself in the GPS applications for quite some time, and I can't say enough nice things about the two founders.

I've also gained another two new clients...a home improvement media brand and a great cause-based Committee. For both of them, and for GrokMusic, I'll be helping them to position themselves to secure marketing partners, business development efforts.

So this is all good news.

What else. We got a Wii for Christmas. I am moving around a bit more! So is C. I do better than he does in bowling, he kicks my butt in tennis. Kind of maddening, considering that I took years and years of tennis lessons. It's like virtual drop shot after virtual drop shot. Argh.

I'll get better and become a regular poster again...the resolution is 2x/week.
See you soon!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Good Day

Today makes me look forward. Whether you were an Obama supporter or not, it should really make everyone look forward. It's a fresh start, one way or another.

Why? Some big reasons, some little ones.
  • Our new president represents America as an intelligent individual, with poise and class.
  • I don't feel like our country will be a bully anymore. I don't like bullies.
  • I think that the first family will be a good example--an accessible one--to others in the country.
  • It's nice to have a First Lady that I can actually relate to.
  • Feels like my family is going to be more important to everyone, not just to me, for some reason.
  • I can't remember the last time this much of the country was excited about anything.
  • I liked the fact I followed so much of real-people-chat on Twitter and online, in terms of how they felt, how the day impacted them.
  • LOVE the new White House web site!
  • It felt good to have both the kids in the room with me during the oaths.
  • What he says makes sense to me, as a person.
I hope everyone has good feelings in their heart today. It will not be easy, it will not be fast to fix all that is currently off-balance in the USA. But at least it seems like a good running start.

Monday, January 19, 2009


I usually don't get very sappy or emotional in my posts, but you must forgive me on this one.

Everyone by now has heard about US Air Flight 1549 and how it had to make a necessary "ditch" landing in the Hudson River after both engines were taken out by a flock of geese. I now, officially, despise those Canadian geese.

A dear friend, a mentor of mine, was on the flight. I had a call with her that morning to discuss some business-related issues and she noted she was going to be flying home that afternoon around 2pm or so. When my husband called to tell me the news, I was picking my son up from preschool and it just didn't register immediately that the flight was heading to Charlotte. When it hit me, I freaked out.

Photo: J. Krums

Photo: AP

After getting home and seeing these visuals, and waiting for them to confirm that all we off the plane and there were no life-threatening injuries, I seemed to calm down. However, when I recognized her in the NY Post the next morning - I burst into tears.

I'm not going to expose her in a picture, because she deserves her privacy and to handle this event in the way that she needs to. She's gotten enough exposure from the general media at this point.

All I know is that I am eternally grateful to the pilot, the crew, everyone who rallied together both on and off the plane, and most of all, to her, for having the sense of knowing how important every life was on board.

I finally spoke with her this morning, and she sounded great - good perspective, her sense of humor was intact, and ready to head home on a flight soon. She loves travel and this "type of thing" is hardly going to stop her, or as she put it, "it's not going to make me live a type of life I don't want to lead." She is an inspiration.

I love her and I feel so lucky to still have her in my life.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Reveling in a Design Moment

Oh, I am SO happy. I must share this.

You may recall we've recently redone our house. Of course, there is decorating to do...which will undoubtedly last forever. For starters, this includes some relatively major kitchen decisions like cabinet hardware, backsplash and what to do with an entire blank wall across from the island. Oh, and stools for said island.

If you ever read this, you may have picked up that I am an Anthropologie junkie. I love their clothes, shoes, accessories...home stuff. Yes. Home stuff.

So...seeing as I get every catalog and email they generate, I clicked on the new email today and head through to the site. Well, whammo. I find our new kitchen cabinet hardware. ON SALE.

They are actually made of bone. Maybe that's a little crazy, but...whatever.

It fits all the criteria:
  • Not boring.
  • Not metal.
  • Doesn't become the main focus of the kitchen.
  • Haven't seen it before. I know...I have issues.
C bought in and we ordered 44 pieces. Score. Happy dance. No fingerprints on the cabinets anymore.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Closing the Door on 2008

Happy New Year! I guess before I start anew with my first official 2009 post with a happy welcome to the new year - hello, it's the 5th of January already - I should make sure that I close out with everything I meant to post before end of year. Yeah, yeah...resolution, shmesolution.

Perhaps the best way to do that is keep with my theme for this past month and not make it just about myself but share a little bit of what we experienced throughout 2008 and especially during this holiday season.

Our first bit of awesome-ness this year arrived on February 21. Little miss G, who is our wee angel & little sister in this house. Hard to believe she will be a year before we know it.

O immediately acknowledged the fact that we had a new addition.

O finished his 3-year-old's preschool class and started "the 4s". He is officially...a boy. And so darn much fun, with a good sense of humor, mischief, and unfortunately he's also a lot smarter than his parents some days. He continues the rock star/surfer look.

G has seven teeth, is cruising, crawling on hands and knees, trying to go up stairs, can't be left alone for a second, and makes us laugh all day. When she meets you for the first time, you get an intense stare for about 12 minutes, then she warms up. She's got a lot to say but we can't understand all those coos and beautiful sounds quite yet. We think she's trying to tell all of us what to do.

C and I had a wild ride, a busy year with a new baby and an almost-conclusion to our house renovation. (Yes, I'll get to that once we get the driveway and landscaping done in the spring).

We got the president we wanted, the economy officially tanked, and I was laid off in September. In the long run, that's motivated me to further improve the work situation to emerge (finally) as a marketing and business development consultant. Economy tanking or not, I am looking positively at the coming year. There are still lots of opportunities out there.

Our trip to Aruba was great, a great underscore to all the family time we had this year. But nothing topped the holidays this year--we got to see so many friends and family, it made us realize how lucky we really are.

Christmas Eve...O with my handsome godson B. Like a big brother, he is. (God, that sounded like Yoda.)

G got her first "dollie" as a gift from her godmother. She loved it. Kissed it. We all fell apart.

Seriously, what kind of four-year -old needs to be woken up on Christmas morning? Mine.

We opened gifts with my parents at our house, had some mimosas, and got on our way to C's family. Little miss G, with so many gifts to open...just distracted by the sparkly stuff.

O goofing around on Grandma's lap with cousin J, entertaining as always...

...and C with our silly little gal, taking her turn at making like Frosty.

Ups and downs come and go but it's the real stuff that sticks. You know what I mean.