Sunday, March 1, 2009

So If You Actually, Really, Check in Now and Again...

Go ahead, follow me. I know, I've pointed out the Twitter thing before - I don't really think many of you have taken me up on that, which is totally fine. But now I've added the "Following" module down thar to the ol' blog.

So help me not be embarrassed by having only one fan (bless your heart, K) and please show some love. You're not required to comment, don't worry. :-)



Anonymous said...

You got it! I'm a follower!

Its ok though- Kwana is one of my only followers too!

pve design said...

follow you down the block.
now c'mon over for a fab friday give-away dearie!

Kwana said...

Look at all the pretty followers! Twittering is fun too. Is that a word? Twittering? Huh? Spell check seems to think it is.

Anonymous said...

shhhhh....your going to give away your position. They will certainly find you now. Dont say I didnt warn you.

By the way, you look just like the women who posted on the Fink blog... and have an uncanny resemblance to a girl that a friend of mine married. How strange.

Cheers, Peace and Love