Monday, March 9, 2009


It sucks. Let's just say it, lay it on the table, get over it.
Too many people are belly-aching about the recession. Bottom line is, you have to get off your tush (as we say in this house) and deal.

I don't mean to sound unsympathetic. I have friends that have been affected, that have lost their jobs because accounts have left, financials are in disarray, management is poor, etc, etc. But you have to think about's LESS about you personally now than it may be otherwise. So you can't wholeheartedly let it get to you.

I have been consulting, as of October. Some people think I'm crazy to do that now. I am confident with some diligent searching that I can find a position, if I wanted one, in advertising.

But I'm greedy. Not

And that's a greedy that I'm ok with. Means that I want it all...enough to live a decent life, enough time to spend with my family, enough freedom, enough happy. Admittedly - it sometimes takes a while to get priorities in order and grow up. But eventually, it happens.

I say...this is actually a good time to take advantage of an opportunity out there. A different mindset than the one we're used to, and sick of.

Perhaps the country (world? am I getting too grand?) wouldn't be in this mess if everyone was a bit more life-greedy, and a bit less money-greedy. If there were less Madoffs, less CEOs that justify their millions while cutting others' salaries, less politics in the workplace. Judging people on who they are - doing business that is good.

Problem is, it just takes a handful to mess up the rest of us.

Look around you. You decide what makes you wealthy.
Happy recession. Just go out and do better on account of it.


Kwana said...

Life Greedy is a good mind set. You've got the right attitude to get through this smiling.

Kaitlyn's Momma said...

Life Greedy! Love it!

I love this post! It truly puts into words how I've been feeling lately when it comes to all the talk everywhere about the economy!

pve design said...

My fondest memories are the dinners my Mom literally whipped up from an empty cupboard. Creativity, smarts and some serious life greed are going on round here. Not that anything has changed. Left that bale, tow that barge....hi ho...

pve design said...

One thing is for sure, my parents raised us to respect the simple things, to take nothing for granted, and to live life as if it were a gift. I am up to the challenge of being Life Greedy and enjoying every minute!