Friday, May 1, 2009

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder? And Other Happenings...

Well hel-lo strangers. I've been kind of remiss on the blog lately. 3 weeks w/o a post. Shameful. Especially with all the great photos and whatnot we've been taking.

Yesterday was my birthday. Still clinging to the 30s, almost barely. A regular day during the day but then my lovely husband treated me to a dinner at X20 in Yonkers - an outpost of the famous Xaviar's up northern way in Piermont. Yum. Definitely will need to make a return visit.

We've had a lot of developments at our house. We have a driveway! And as I type, there is a team of guys out in front of my house laying a new walk, fixing some steps. Next week...the whole lawn will get tilled and seeded and graded. Oh my. It will look like...a house. That's not in construction. Pictures to come.

G is Walking. Walking with a capital W, yes. As in, on her own, talking and carrying things, turning around, doing laps...walking. She's that "little person" now. It's too much.

Okay - consider this the clif notes update. More fun this weekend. I'll catch us all up a bit.