Wednesday, February 25, 2009

G1 Summit!

Time goes WAAAAYYY too fast.

Little baby G turned a year old this past Saturday! Oh my. How is she that big already? I'm floored. Good morning, sunshine! Thanks for being a birthday girl for us with breakfast.

And here she is opening her penguin from her brother.

We had a party and it was a blast. Family and friends joined us for her big day (which nicely fell on the weekend this year). Here are some pics from our little soiree for our little cupcake.

Her cake featured "chocolate art" created by our wonderful in-village bakery, The Riviera Bakehouse - now there's an example of a business that changed owners and remained a quality operation. It matched the invites, courtesy of Tiny Prints. (If you don't know Tiny go online and introduce yourself.)

And here is her big birthday news...she is standing on her own! Okay, we don't have a photo yet but it's adorable...the way she kind of stands like...she's surfing. Hilarious.

She is such a wonderful, happy, verbal, demanding, love of a baby girl. Once again, we're so lucky.


pve design said...

1 already! happy g-day!
now - next time, let pve design create a custom invite for you my dear.
wink, wink!
* ~

Kwana said...

Happy 1st Birthday Miss G! I loved celebrating with you.