Monday, February 16, 2009

Organizational High

Isn't it wonderful when things just come together?

I am finally pulling together our little back room as my office. A real desk chair, filing, a place for everything. Places that actually make sense.

We went to Target this weekend in search of bins, baskets, containers, thing to put things in. We have a shelving unit from Crate and Barrel we got years ago that's affixed to the wall. We've got video game bits, stationery, photos/memorabilia that needs to be put into albums, books, albums, some of my son's craft/work books...all of which needs to be somewhere.

Cue the angels singing. There they were, staring at me on an endcap in Target. Orla Kiely flowered fabric-covered storage containers. Ooh la la! We were meant to be! Check them out.

We had only picked up three. I am now so in love that I am sending my husband to grab some more this week. (Mind you, can't find them online.)

Glamorous, no; but adorable. I like comfortable. Now a happier little nook.
Perhaps I am getting to the 2009 organization resolution a bit late...but better late than never.

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pve design said...

and I thought it was an Orla high. I love cute bins and neat things to tidy up the home and restore order, of course I like a little chaos too - which Target causes.