Thursday, February 5, 2009

Supper Club, Baby

File this one under "well, did you take long enough?"

Prior to the end of the year, we got a lovely invite from friends up the street - those whom we share post-renovation stress disorder with - for a black tie potluck dinner. Really! Because that is how we roll in the Freshchester suburbs...during a recession.

The rules were:
  • Dress up like you are going to a "fancy wedding".
  • Bring a dish. And if you want, bring what's in your fridge...leftovers are totally legit.
  • Kids welcome (of course). And yes, they dressed.

Now, as I alluded to above, E & J recently renovated their home and it came out positively gorgeous (check out the wild kitchen...fabulous). It created a courtyard of sorts right in the "middle" of the house - really in two parts - so unique and absolutely perfect for entertaining. I love it. (Once you've renovated you can really appreciate the thought and creativity that people put into their house renovations.)

Not to mention the adorable kitchen booth that the kids took over for dinner.

Well, we didn't go quite black tie but I think we pulled it off pretty well. (Yeah...there were no pictures of me. I'm ok with that.)

We had such a good time--let's hope they didn't think they were going to get rid of us earlier than they did--one of our other friends commented "I'm not sure if they knew that we're always the ones that close down the party." Which is totally true. Yes, even with the kids. God knows, after all that wine we stayed for hours playing Catchphrase.

That's C with little G right there. She partied like a rock star, falling asleep during our wild and highly competitive play of Catchphrase. (Wine makes you creative, people.)

We decided collectively that an official "supper club" is in order. We have a couple options:
  • Seasonal: Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall
  • Themed: for example, this was black-tie potluck
See, I needed to post this before we set the next one!
What's your vote? I knight myself (okay, I think I was nominated) official blogger for the club...most likely because I have the least-focused blog in the village anyhow. I find myself saying "club" like Fitty. What is up with that?



pve design said...

darn, we were away and missed that one.
I vote yes and have dibs on Summer. Can I be in even if we have not experienced post renovation anxiety?
I am thinking "jumpsuits" for the ladies and patterned shirts for the guys. - a little 70's ish?

Kwana said...

Just showed the DH. What a night! I'm so happy you guys had the camera. We may have to fight over summer though :)

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

Thank you for pointing me to the Supper Club post (which...I remarkable remembered to look for. Yay, me! I also see the handsome bowtied man Kwana mentioned making an appearance in the post. :-)

I just looovveee your bone cabinet pulls…found those, too!…they will look great against cherry cabinets. I told Mike about the butcher block countertop idea…“Hmmm, very interesting idea!” Lumber Liquidators, here we come! J

It was so great to meet you…have a wonderful weekend!