Monday, February 9, 2009

Miss G Makes Milestones

Alliteration always makes things sound important, doesn't it?

Well our little lady has conquered a series of before her upcoming big "1" birthday, let me tell you where she is in her adventures.
  • Standing. On her own. But only when she's not paying attention that we've let go of her hands.
  • We've got cruising, full speed ahead. Those little well-shod feet are working hard.
  • Babbling. And some words. She mimics us quite a bit. "Bye-BUH" (bye-bye) and "eyees" (eyes) and mama and dada and a half-variant of our son's name which is insanely cute.
    "Hi" and "apple" and "cookie" and some version of "Cheerio" and...oh, it is so FUN. She's got this kind of raspy little voice.
  • She loves, loves, loves books. Can sit and flip through board books for ages.
  • She sleeps with her blankie, pink spotty puppy and the little pink bear that her brother picked out for her before she was born.
  • She just busted her 8th tooth! The last few days have been tough with a lot of back-arching and scream-crying. But it has freed itself. The scary part is that we know that two more are close behind!
Not to mention, as you can see...I think she's getting some bad-ass hair. Must be her dad's.


pve design said...

funny how each phase brings new joy. my twins will be 16 and they are so excited to drive. a rite of passage with the turn of each year.
show g's well shod those baby feet.

Kwana said...

Oh Miss G you crack me up. I can't wait until you are cruising down the block to chat it up with me!

Anonymous said...

She is SO adorable!!

Congrats on the milestones! It truly is amazing to see, isn't it?

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

Oh my gosh...she looks just like you, I think!