Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Astronomy Lesson

Apologies for being such an absent blogger. Sheesh, what good am I?

O gave me some great fodder today. We went to IKEA this weekend, picked up a new roll of paper for his easel. Hooked it up today and he started drawing late this afternoon. Of course, I am not allowed to look at it until he is finished.

Here is his masterpiece. It is a picture of "space."

"See the rocketship? That's me, me in the rocketship...and that up there, that's the alien spaceship. That alien spaceship is trying to destroy my rocket but I'm not going to let it." (note shooting in picture)

"Wow, bud - that's pretty cool. I like the spaceship, but those are bad guys, right? What's down at the bottom?"

"That's an alien."

"He's a good alien?"

"Yeah, he's a good alien. And then that (points to top of picture)...that's...uh....that's the thing in space - the thing - the thing in space that pours milk. Yeah, what is that called Mom, that thing in space that pours milk?"

"Umm...(significant pause)...the big dipper?"

"Yeah, that's the big dipper. Yeah...that's what it is."


Anonymous said...

PRICELESS. Once again, the Big O comes through with a unique and highly amusing perspective! :)

Debra said...

Just precious! Your little guy is quite an accomplished artist. Have missed your posts-but this was worth the wait.

googs said...

In what sort of retrograde manner do you dole out drinks at your house, that O assumes that is how milk is served? What are you, Amish? :-)