Monday, January 5, 2009

Closing the Door on 2008

Happy New Year! I guess before I start anew with my first official 2009 post with a happy welcome to the new year - hello, it's the 5th of January already - I should make sure that I close out with everything I meant to post before end of year. Yeah, yeah...resolution, shmesolution.

Perhaps the best way to do that is keep with my theme for this past month and not make it just about myself but share a little bit of what we experienced throughout 2008 and especially during this holiday season.

Our first bit of awesome-ness this year arrived on February 21. Little miss G, who is our wee angel & little sister in this house. Hard to believe she will be a year before we know it.

O immediately acknowledged the fact that we had a new addition.

O finished his 3-year-old's preschool class and started "the 4s". He is officially...a boy. And so darn much fun, with a good sense of humor, mischief, and unfortunately he's also a lot smarter than his parents some days. He continues the rock star/surfer look.

G has seven teeth, is cruising, crawling on hands and knees, trying to go up stairs, can't be left alone for a second, and makes us laugh all day. When she meets you for the first time, you get an intense stare for about 12 minutes, then she warms up. She's got a lot to say but we can't understand all those coos and beautiful sounds quite yet. We think she's trying to tell all of us what to do.

C and I had a wild ride, a busy year with a new baby and an almost-conclusion to our house renovation. (Yes, I'll get to that once we get the driveway and landscaping done in the spring).

We got the president we wanted, the economy officially tanked, and I was laid off in September. In the long run, that's motivated me to further improve the work situation to emerge (finally) as a marketing and business development consultant. Economy tanking or not, I am looking positively at the coming year. There are still lots of opportunities out there.

Our trip to Aruba was great, a great underscore to all the family time we had this year. But nothing topped the holidays this year--we got to see so many friends and family, it made us realize how lucky we really are.

Christmas Eve...O with my handsome godson B. Like a big brother, he is. (God, that sounded like Yoda.)

G got her first "dollie" as a gift from her godmother. She loved it. Kissed it. We all fell apart.

Seriously, what kind of four-year -old needs to be woken up on Christmas morning? Mine.

We opened gifts with my parents at our house, had some mimosas, and got on our way to C's family. Little miss G, with so many gifts to open...just distracted by the sparkly stuff.

O goofing around on Grandma's lap with cousin J, entertaining as always...

...and C with our silly little gal, taking her turn at making like Frosty.

Ups and downs come and go but it's the real stuff that sticks. You know what I mean.


Kwana said...

I love that look at your year. The Mister O just cracks me up and Miss g kissing her doll, you made me fall apart too.

pve design said...

and when one door closes another one opens.
wishing your year as golden as you!
if anyone could spin gold, t'would be you.