Thursday, January 8, 2009

Reveling in a Design Moment

Oh, I am SO happy. I must share this.

You may recall we've recently redone our house. Of course, there is decorating to do...which will undoubtedly last forever. For starters, this includes some relatively major kitchen decisions like cabinet hardware, backsplash and what to do with an entire blank wall across from the island. Oh, and stools for said island.

If you ever read this, you may have picked up that I am an Anthropologie junkie. I love their clothes, shoes, accessories...home stuff. Yes. Home stuff.

So...seeing as I get every catalog and email they generate, I clicked on the new email today and head through to the site. Well, whammo. I find our new kitchen cabinet hardware. ON SALE.

They are actually made of bone. Maybe that's a little crazy, but...whatever.

It fits all the criteria:
  • Not boring.
  • Not metal.
  • Doesn't become the main focus of the kitchen.
  • Haven't seen it before. I know...I have issues.
C bought in and we ordered 44 pieces. Score. Happy dance. No fingerprints on the cabinets anymore.


pve design said...

dig your good bones, I mean, love your handles.

Kwana said...

Lucky you! I can't wait to see it installed. I love Anthropologie. In a dream a live an Anthropologie life.

Anonymous said...

OOH I love them! PVE Design has the best comment though; can't top that!

Debra said...

A great house always has "good bones".
Love them too~