Thursday, May 15, 2008

G: Baby Mysteries #1

How does this happen?

Note the sleeper-keeper, as I call it, under the blanket to her right. It is supposed to keep them from rolling over and suffocating themselves. She was sleeping soundly in that.

We woke up to find her lying perpendicular to it at the top of the crib.
Crazy baby.


pve design said...

my twins shared a crib the first few months- it was always fun to wake up and see them snuggled next to one another. somehow they would scooch up to one another like little piglets, all warm and so cute.
miss those sweet days!

Kwana said...

I had that same strange twin thing and even when they were in separate cribs they would twist and turn the same way.

Anonymous said...

Cute pic! My son would do the same thing... I'd put him down in one position, and wake up a couple hours later to check on him to find that he had done a complete flip, so that his head was where his feet were. I would love to know how he did that! He's 4 years now and he seems to have kept up this trend, though now he's moving so that his lying sideways on his bed where his head and feet are dangling over the sides. *laugh* Kids...