Wednesday, May 14, 2008

On Carnivals

What is it about those local little carnivals that send small children into a complete frenzy?

Is it the lights? The rides? The smell of sugar and fat contorted into every possible foodstuff that destroys one's internal workings? (Ask C how he's feeling tonight.)

Our local fire department has one every year, and yes, it's this week. We went last night, we went tonight, and if the weather permits, we'll go tomorrow. Well, they have wristbands, so you pay one fee and the kids ride all they want.

Here's O in the fun house. It was a tiny one, but the fact he jumped in there with all the older kids, climbed his way up the rope ladder, ran around like a loony through swinging bumpers and ropes and nonsense...well, I called his PT and told her how excited I was watching him, that there was no way in the world he would have come close to this last year without the PT sessions. A FUN HOUSE for crying out loud! Woo-hoo! Go, O!

The second fave attraction this year (as the "boats", cars, flying elephant things and train certainly aren't as exciting as last year) is the roller coaster. Or, by its formal name, the Dragon Wagon. He just has this insane joy on his face when he's on it. (That's him in the first car in the picture.)

So deluded by the excitement that he ran away from me to get on it last night. Oh yes, was I thrilled about that. We had to have the "you know if you run away from me someone else can take you away from us and you'd never see mommy and daddy again and you wouldn't want that, right?" conversation. It got an "oh."

The Dragon Wagon is too cute.

G was comfortable at the carnival, hanging out in the baby carrier, watching all the sights and sounds and smells, I assume. Or sleeping. Then...."hey, I'm hungry!" Which was fine with me as it was getting too chilly to hang out any longer.

The local carnival didn't have full-on "carnies"...the ride operators and kooks that go around with the carnival from town to town. The characters were far more entertaining last year.

Last wristband night tonight. Do we dare go again? (I feel like I have seen everyone I have ever met in this county in two nights.) May need to blame it on the weather...and leave a last stop until Sunday.

Although...I could use another bag of zeppoles.

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Kwana said...

Funny post! O looks like he's having a blast. Thanks for sharing.