Thursday, May 15, 2008

I Got Sunshine...On a Cloudy Day

"...and when it's cold outside..."
...oh my Lord, it's May! Already. Good grief. Little G is 3 months officially next week.

So I had some interesting glimmers come my way this week so far. I am blessed with many, many friends who are (a) really bright and (b) good people. I have two friends who have offered to help in one way or another with the writing endeavor. I have one that has introduced me to someone who will be interesting and great to know whether anything comes out of it work-wise or not. I have handfuls of people who just wish me well and check in on me to see how things are going because they know I'm kind of stressed. We have neighbors that are quickly becoming incredibly good friends that I know I will stay in touch with for life regardless if we or they ever move away.

Okay, I sound sappy. I'll stop. I guess I just wanted to say that while there's a lot of crap going on right now...we are (I am) lucky to have such a big support system.
Thanks, sunshiners.


pve design said...

Kwana writes sent me over to say Hello Sunshine, on this gray and wet day. Oddly enough, over lunch, I commented on how I love that house with the siding that is all weathered and looks like it was meant to be.
Come to find out you are friends/ neighbors. Visit me right at my blog or up the street in the neighborhood.
So Mr.Rodgers - right!

Kwana said...

See you've got a fan! Well, many fans. There's some sunshine for you.