Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The new house has been christened

...note the use of the lower-case "c" as I don't mean in the holy sense.

O threw up at the top of the stairs and the landing right after getting home from school this afternoon. I swear it's because he's had a little cold with post-nasal drip and we can't get the kid to blow his nose or spit, so God knows what winds up in that stomach.

Hopefully no one was eating while reading this.


pve design said...

How about a game of tag to distract you from the little things. Like my Mom told me, "Little people, little problems, Big people, Big problems."
They only get bigger!
See my post, and play along....oh, & hope all is settled!

Kwana said...

'O' No!!! I hope he's better.

N said...

Thanks ladies!

O miraculously woke up all better. Whew.

I'm so on the tag thing later, pve.