Friday, May 23, 2008

The Post-Baby Body Blues


So we have a wedding to attend on the 31st, and I'm only three months out from having G. Now, I'm happy about the wedding, it will be a blast for sure as it's for some of C's very fun family. But I do need to attend (and remain in close proximity to) with my sister-in-law, who is very thin, well-dressed, and 8 years younger than me, and my mother-in-law who always looks fabulous for these events...and is also on the svelte side.

So the mid-section is not working with me, or any of the dresses that I already own for this event. (Why, why, do I always go for things with a defined-ish waist? It's that tailored + girly combo that is my trademark, I suppose...).

Anyhoo. I'm stuck. I need to either buy a serious spanx waist-whittler to shove myself into something I already own (not that likely, because the breast-feeding boobs still won't work) or something with a classy empire waistline. I don't want to spend a fortune on anything right now...just not a priority. Focus on the legs, I think, is my priority.

Off to Loehmann's, perhaps. Will keep ya'll posted on what I dig up. Cross your fingers for me.

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pve design said...

Just think of that gorgeous baby you have!
That is what they will all be asking you about!
Perhaps something fun at Anthropologie!