Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My first game of tag in e-world

My new friend P at pve design is a lovely local design guru that I have yet to meet in person (hello, e-world...and she even lives in our 'hood!) and has just given me my first blogger "tag". I'm in. Please check out her blog, she has a great eye and always finds a lovely daily visual or two to get you thinkin'.

For the uninitiated (as I was recently), when you get "tagged" you are asked to post specific info and then pass the tag onto others so they do the same. Since my audience is pretty small (hey...can some more of you start commenting, please?), I'll have to fudge the pass-on a bit. Forgive me, P.

(P came to me via my lovely neighbor K, of Kwana Writes fame.)

Here I go.

1. What was I doing 10 years ago?

1998...ten years ago I was getting ready for my wedding on August 29 (holy cow, that went fast, didn't it, C). C and I were living in Manhattan on 14th Street between 7th and 8th Aves, Apt 5B, a walk-up. Lots of good shindigs in that abode. I was still working my rear off with long hours at my first big agency job at MVBMS on crazy accounts like Select Comfort, Fox News Channel, and Hallmark. I'd walk to work every day (unless it was raining) and I made some very good friends from that position...many I keep in touch with today.

2. What are five things on my list for today?
  • Cross my fingers and do anything in my power to make sure O stays feeling better today (he is, amen)
  • Come home early to feed Ginger as I am still rotating out of the breastfeeding thing
  • Head to work where I contemplate my fate while trying to drag it out as long as possible in order to ultimately find that elusive dream situation of working from home full time...
  • Pick out G's christening invitation, even though I have no idea of exactly when it will be yet
  • Talk darling C into cooking dinner when he gets home
  • (I have so many more things than five!)
3. Snacks that I enjoy?

Chocolate! Dark chocolate; milk doesn't do it for me. Rich hot chocolate. A tall cold glass of milk with...something chocolate. Berries and raisins. Angel food cake. Those little sesame snacks that you find in bar mixes....they sell them at Trader Joe's. Fage yogurt with honey. Lastly, those new Sunmaid raisins that are covered guessed it...dark chocolate yogurt.

4. Things that I would do if I were a billionaire?

First things first...I'd quit work so I can spend more time with my kids. And put away more than enough for their college educations, their children's college educations, and their grandchildren's college educations.

Then I'd realize I still have the desire to work, so I'll have to start a non-profit.
I'd donate a lot to education.
I'd make sure my family traveled the world and appreciated all the differences that are out there and tasted every food type there was.

I'd buy a lot of shoes.
I'd make sure I had fresh flowers around...all the time.

5. Places I have lived:
...I realize I haven't been all that adventurous, here...
North Branford, CT
Guilford, CT
Fairfield, CT (college)
Upper East Side, Manhattan
West 14th Street, Manhattan
Ardsley, NY

6. I have tagged each of you or anyone else who likes to play fair and square.
Kwana Writes
finkipedia I have a very short list of blog friends (hey, I'm still somewhat new at this!)
If you're reading and don't have a blog...please feel free to comment (click "COMMENTS") and post your answers. I'll post for all. Thanks for playing along!


pve design said...

Wow, great for a "virgin" tag! Your first tag! Kwana is a pro at being and giving tags! Thanks for bringing the "blog" party too.
Oh, I'd love to do your christening invites! Talk to me!
I would be happy to get paid in chocolate, flowers or shoes.

Kwana said...

I can't believe I totally missed this one. You did a great job though. The DH and I used to live in a 5th floor walk up too in the city. I think in 5b if I'm not mistaken. I'll have to ask him. Too funny!