Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Post-Baby Body Blues: Follow-Up

So I was crabbing about getting a dress for this wedding this weekend because of my current state of being, right?

So I did go to Loehmann's, found something that a woman next to me told me looked great on me, and bought it. Got home. Had a shoe issue. Damn. It was kind of gold brocade-ish (that sounds a lot uglier than it was) and my gold sandals were just not going to work...too party-girl and the dress was more tailored. ARgggHhh.

Do I go back and get the navy one that had sequined stripes on it (very cute but these descriptions are not doing justice, here) but I was concerned was a little short? I mean, my legs are good, I can wear something shorter...but should I? Am I too....old?

I checked anthro online (as always...and thanks for the reminder, P...we really do have to meet!) but everything they have right now didn't seem dressy enough for a night wedding.

Yesterday, crabbing to the nabes, and one of them says, hey, I have all these dresses in the closet. And then grabs a handful later to show me. Take them home last night...SCORE! Really pretty black feminine tailored in a very cool elegant fabric. She has great style so I feel extraordinarily triumphant. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Problem solved.

Question...at what age should a woman stop wearing miniskirts?
Does it matter casual or formal?
Does the occasion play a role?

What do you think?


pve design said...

Style has no age.

N said...

I was really hoping someone would say that. Thanks pve.

Kwana said...

You are no where near the age to ask that question. No worries. I'm glad you found a dress! You'll be gorgeous.