Friday, May 16, 2008

Abba Bobbi what?

File this one under "we brought it on ourselves."

O and his best bud have been singing the following, constantly, for the last week.

Abba bobbi show-ah!
Dis-co! Disco Duck!
Dis-co! Disco Duck!

Then doubling over in laughter. Then singing it again...and again.

Mind you, this all stems from the fact we got him one of those singing cards for Easter (March's not like the card is anywhere he sees it anymore) that played the Disco Duck song. "Abba Bobbi Show-ah" is whatever the Duck voice sings at the start of the song, which I've never understood anyhow. I'd like to apologize to his friend's parents here. Sorry about that.

Damn that Rick Dees. Never again. (Until, you know, C finds the Star Wars cantina theme when O is a teenager or something.)

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Kwana said...

Ha! I can just picture them. Too funny.