Monday, May 12, 2008

On Mother's Day

Yesterday was Mother's Day. Happy Mother's Day to all of you out there that may be reading this (especially my mom and my mother-in-law, aka: Nonnie and Grandma).

I love Mother's Day because it makes me think about being a mom and how lucky we are. Like probably any mom, I think my kids are amazing. I can't love them any more, I don't think. Women rock...I mean, hell, we can procreate. That's a pretty good argument-ender, isn't it. No one ever seems to remember to use it, though. Hmmph.

We didn't do anything fancy. C and I are not big on fighting the crowds on holidays just to go out on a particular day.

At breakfast I was greeted with my gift from O, which he made in school. A Happy Mother's Day card made with koosh balls and paint (and he wrote his name on it, of course), and a flower pot decorated the same way (quite cool, actually). Along with a ziploc of dirt and a packet of seeds. I love it! We are going to plant the seeds tonight. We already have a radish growing in a plastic cup on our windowsill in the sunroom area. A regular garden. Thank goodness because our yard is still in garbage-dump mode from the reno.

You should know that I also got a lovely ring--red rhinestones--from a little boutique in Dobbs that O picked out while we were waiting for our take-out dinner on Saturday night. It's stretchy and it cost a dollar, and it was picked out just for me. Gorgeous. I wore it all Mother's Day. See, who needs gifts better than that?

Then, we were off and running.

O had soccer at 9am; he did well and that is always good to see. I have to take some photos next week to show his P/T, L. Not that he'll be getting P/T for much longer...but that's kind of the point. He is doing great and without it he never ever would be feeling confident enough about himself to get into soccer, period. A year or so ago, he wasn't comfortable running into a group of kids (ie: to get a ball, to grab an instrument for music time, etc); he would get bumped into and get all thrown he would wait and get whatever it was, or engage, after the group had dispersed. At any rate, he's close to dribbling. Nice.

We came home, fed G (working on bottles now, half the time...but that's another post), went to church. Late, of course. But at least we're back in the mode of getting to mass again on Sundays. It took us long enough.

Home, lunch. Then, the event of the day...we got to Best Buy to buy a new camera. It wasn't nearly as crazy there as I expected it to be. Truthfully, I have to give Eddie at the Hartsdale Best Buy a big "hey ya" as it was the best Best Buy experience I ever had. You go, dude. Thank you.

We wound up with a Canon PowerShot, Elph, whatever it is. Rechargeable batteries (yay, greener existence) and in blue. Well, blue was what they had in stock. I'm not taking pictures of the camera, I'm taking pictures with the camera. So who cares what color it is! People are crazy. Anyhow, love it. Total upgrade from what we had.

We hung at home for a bit and finally went grocery shopping to stock up for the week. Our friends were also coming for dinner (yay!) so we got a bit more and gave them a choice of nibbles.

We didn't get to the park with the kids as planned...the weather got pretty crummy and windy, but we had fun and great conversation (...and C makes the best, really. He does.). Both our friends are in my industry and it was very helpful to bounce a few ideas off them work-wise. And of course, we shared a good amount of wine. Which is always fabulous. Thanks for coming, guys.

A nice day and night. Once you grow up you kind of realize this is all you need.

(What's with the face, O? You look like you're 10. He definitely has my dad's--and my--nose. Poor kid. No offense, Dad.)

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Kwana said...

Sounds like a great mother's day. Happy Mother's day to you too. Thanks for stopping by and giving me a shout.