Saturday, May 3, 2008

Renovation: We own a dining room table

So what do you think of that. Does this make us official adults?

We used to have something we would call the dining room in the last iteration of our home...that we never used as a dining room. It kind of became a playroom for O, with sliders out to the (now defunct) back deck.

In the new dining room, with french doors out to the back (yes, that was a necessary upgrade in our estimation), we have recently added a table that can officially be called a "dining room table". Not just a dining table...many things can serve that purpose. But something that looks like it's designated for dining, not just eating.

It's a cool table, procured from the ABC Carpet Warehouse in da Bronx. Love that place...sign up for their email alerts for sales, you are a FOOL if you live in this area and do not. Seriously. It's like not knowing when the Barneys Warehouse sales happen. Sinful.

My dad (can he be any more helpful, hello) and C took my dad's giant SUV to pick it up today and we christened it with a snack for all when they got it here. It's actually got two leaves that fold up onto the table when it's closed (can fit 6 snugly), so you would be eating on the backs of the leaves when it's open. Does that make sense?

Anyway, I feel terribly grown up. I think we can start hanging art and pictures now. Yay.

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