Thursday, May 8, 2008

O: The Sign

If you read my prior post, I mention the finding of a gray hair in my head yesterday. This is a rare occurrence for me (blessedly...thank you mom and dad).

At dinner, I mentioned to C that I saw that and took it as a sign of some sort. That finding one right before my discussion with the partners somehow prepped me for what was coming, and perhaps it was a signal that I shouldn't be there anymore.

O spoke up and said, "What sign? What did that hair say on it?"

Well, I explained, it wasn't that the hair necessarily had anything written on it, but it was something that meant that something else was or wasn't the way it was supposed to be. That sometimes you see something unrelated to something else, but it makes you think differently about it.

(I understand this is a lofty conversation for an almost-4-year old, but he seemed to be getting it.)

O: "So the hair told you you shouldn't go to work anymore? Oh no. I like you going to work..."

(Wait, he likes me going to work?)
Me: "Bud, I'll still work, I just may not work where I'm working now. Hopefully I can work from home a little more, even."

O: "Oh, yeah, I would like that. Maybe you should tell the sign that you go to work and if you don't want to work where you work you can find somewhere else to work and do that. And the sign doesn't have to talk to you anymore."

Or something like that. Hilarious as usual.

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Kwana said...

That O is such a smartie.