Wednesday, April 30, 2008

O: Rock Operas in the Loo

Does anyone else's child do this?

O typically makes a potty stop post dinner...the sitting-down type of potty stop. We have a running joke that he's the fastest pooper in our town. He sits, he goes. Twice a day, at least.

Yet, he's in there for a good 10 minutes. Last night's scenario:

We hear him (behind the closed door, as he is insistent on "privacy") singing--in the style of fine rockers like Iggy Pop and assorted garage bands--as he puts it "rock and roll". No, he's actually singing the words "rock and roll" and should you peek in, you will see him in full air guitar...more like an acoustic approach, really...with his little bare tushie on the toilet, sitting on his green potty seat.

"You all done, bud?"

"No! Close the door!"

"Okay, let us know when you're done."

The remaining lyrics typically have something to do with what happened that day, what he just ate for dinner, or what is coming for dessert. Always in story format.

Normal? Hmm. Wouldn't trade it, though.

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