Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Returning to Work, Part I: The Situation

So today I spoke with my boss (for future reference, I hate the word boss...even when applied to myself...actually, especially when applied to myself) about my maternity leave situation.

The "situation" began as follows:
  • My company was advised by our outsourced HR support that NY state would take care of 60% of my weekly earnings.
  • Very generously, my company stepped up to cover the other 40% of my weekly salary, with the encouragement to take the full 12 weeks that I am entitled to for family leave.
  • Based on the above, there was no expectation to use up vacation etc, which I know I had to do on my last leave; but my prior agency didn't step up with the 40% like these guys did.
  • I was overly distracted by work, pregnancy, and the (freakin') house renovation.
  • I got my first check from NY state for the disability....the 60%. And it was way off. Called the HR rep, who informed me that they don't handle the details on that and literally wouldn't comment on it directly. To paraphrase: "There is a document in your package that tells you the max allowed for the NY state benefit." So I look. Clearly something I missed because it wasn't something I had to sign and return on the checklist...oh, there it is. It's not 60%, it's 50%, and it's a max of $170/week. WHAT?
  • So, I call my boss, he calls the HR company and chews them out for the wrong advice at the get-go. Seems as if someone was "misinformed" that he spoke with.
  • They have rendered the decision that "it was my responsibility."
  • I'll be asking them to retro-act vacation and sick days to cover my leave. But seeing as I don't have THAT many, I may head back after 11 weeks off.
Which is in two weeks. Sigh. That went way too fast.

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