Wednesday, April 16, 2008

O: Tennis Lessons

Okay, so I actually wrote the bottom part yesterday but never got it out because it was so beautiful outside I had to take baby G and head to the park to see O twice while he was playing. That, and I wanted to download some pics.

What is really cool is that his P/T, L, shared his eval with me, and he is at 45th percentile overall. So he's done with services come end of June. I'm fine with that, he is where he needs to be. I'm really happy with the Early Intervention and PSCE services he received here. It's good to live in Westchester--the services are great.

I know I just sound like the typical over-proud mommy, but L told me how she really does think he is, brainy-special. And that will ultimately become interesting to deal with as he gets older. I was in the Gifted class myself at school, and Chris rec'd some special overachiever supplementation at school as a kid as well. We'll see....

I can't believe how big O is getting! He and his buddy took tennis lessons last year, and after today's inaugural spring season lesson, I can see he actually retained what he learned from the fall. Amazing. They just "get it" so much more.

Today was warm-up drills (love the side shuffle along the line...real drills!), practice at the net, and starting to learn a forehand swing. So proud of my big boy.

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