Tuesday, April 22, 2008

2008 Lunch with Dad

Yes, I see my father far more than once a year, but once every year we go out to lunch--just the two of us. We try to go sometime between our birthdays, and we talk about everything that is going on in our lives. It was great. I love to get into my dad's head a little bit and he usually adds good perspective on my current dramas.

We started this kind of morbidly. In 1998, the year C & I were married, my dad told me--on my birthday, no less--that he had throat/tongue cancer. (For all you smokers out there...I'll post the blood and guts battle details another time,) He needed aggressive treatment and he wanted to come visit me in NYC for a great lunch prior to starting chemo and getting surgery, and ultimately a food tube.

I can remember heading back to the office that day, full of wine and food, and bursting into tears once I knew he couldn't see me anymore. He had that food tube for our wedding and couldn't have a real drink with us to celebrate our wedding day. (He did, however, have a shot of Courvosier straight into the food tube the night of our rehearsal...something he admitted was probably not the best idea. My dad is a pisser.)

So now we go somewhere very yummy, sometimes with a lot of wine, and always too much food to call it lunch. This year, Harvest-on-Hudson...we got to eat outside, which was lovely.

We think maybe next year we'll return to our usual location in NYC -- DaSilvano.
Thanks for lunch, Dad.

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fink said...

watching your dad do that courvoisier shot at the rehearsal dinner was perhaps the highlight of that weekend for me. that and the ginormous shrimp at the cocktail hour.

oh, and the wedding was pretty good too.