Monday, April 21, 2008

Renovation: Garage Doors (again)

Jeez, I wish I blogged my whole renovation. I think it would have been highly therapeutic. You know, just as there are books for getting ready to get married, to have children, to change careers...there should be a pretty substantial shelf in any B&N to provide self help books to guide someone through a home renovation. I'll have to look into that.

So today the first quote came in for garage doors, from United Overhead Door. $1100 higher than anticipated, of course. Not UD's fault, another mistake on the spreadsheet or a mis-estimation by our contractor. They had estimated for aluminum doors. Which dent easier. So with two kids...I don't know, it would seem you'd want a sturdy garage door, no? I can just see O's tricycle running into it...basketballs...remote control vehicles.

The rep also pointed out we'll need some work done so the doors are framed properly (they are currently not...of course). Right now they are not framed for a standard door size, and in order to install the rollers, they need the walls either built out or chipped back in certain areas. Now, if you were a contractor, isn't this a lesson that one should retain from previous jobs?

We will also need to move our electric connection on the ceiling for each door back. The units are affixed at 11' into the garage and the cords are only 4 feet long. So, isn't there anyone on my job who should know this?

(Okay, if I posted during this whole project, yes, you would have these questions at the end of every paragraph about the renovation. Which would be completely annoying. I'll try to stop.)

Garage doors just shouldn't be something that's hard. Here's an entry to the garage, here's a door that fits in it. Another quote coming Thursday. Let's see what that brings.

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