Monday, April 28, 2008

On Having Two

One of my dear friends today asked me, so, how is it with two? (Actually a lot of people have asked me that.)

My response:

"Right now I'm just home from dropping my nanny off. It's pouring and I had to wake O up to get him out of the car (never fun), G was screaming bloody murder since she's been gassy and on a nursing rampage all afternoon. Then O has a meltdown...we've been letting him watch a little TV and all of a sudden now it's all he wants to do. So, no, I said no, he has a fit, and they're both bawling as I get into the house. Sigh.

But...I wouldn't think of giving either one of them back. And right now both of them fell asleep. Go figure."

Twenty minutes of peace and G is at it again--hungry. O is passed out in the TV room (he will "chill out" in there even if he is not watching TV). Well, I started dinner, at least...

1 comment:

Kwana said...

Ah 2 children. The joys of 2 meltdowns at 1 time then silence. Enjoy life when you can.