Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Renovation: Siding!

Very exciting! We have our first piece of siding nailed to our house (actually...I hear banging...perhaps two or three pieces by now). Of course, they are starting in the back of the house. I was kind of hoping the front would get done first so our neighbors can finally get rid of their lovely views of Tyvek...but, no matter. What's another week or so when it's been like that for six months, anyhow?

We decided on cedar slatboard for the house. When we moved in in 2002, we had a vinyl-sided house (ick). I know that it has its benefits, but personally, I felt like I was sitting next to a plastic house when we hung out on our deck. With plastic "shutters". I don't understand shutters that don't actually work and are simply affixed to houses for a certain look. (See the faux-shutter look. See, those shutters can't clearly cover those windows...so why are they there?)

C agreed, so it had to go.

We're using a bleaching oil on the cedar to "pre-weather" it until it weathers to gray on its own. Will post photos as soon as we get a bit more up.

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