Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Renovation: What is going on now?

Well, it's been pretty rainy so that slowed down the momentum on the siding a bit. Understandable. With that said, though, the guys are here, working outside in full rain gear.

There's another one here too, I think working on our basement stairwell, which I'll confirm in about 10 minutes. What needs to be done in the basement stairwell, you ask? Well, the sheetrock subs didn't finish it. Now, we don't have a finished basement or anything (give us another six years on that...we need a little recuperation time), but we were told it was part of the estimate. We gave our contractors a final check for the sheetrockers and asked them to make sure everything was done prior to giving it to them, and, well...I don't know what happened, but our basement stairwell was missing a piece of wall and never taped/finished/sanded, we had a wall in our foyer that wasn't taped, and we had a few areas that were never addressed and should have been (holes etc).

So now they are doing the stairwell, gratis. Thank God they took responsibility for something.

You have to appreciate the fact that I'm breastfeeding and I've got people knocking on my door, allowing themselves in. Kind of mandatory to keep a blanket handy for coverage when necessary.

Anyhow...what else. We've ordered our bar top for the kitchen island. Gosh, I can't wait to get this finished. We're going to use cherry butcher block, 1 1/2" thick. Big fan of Lumber Liquidators, if you are renovating...check them out. Good prices. Also ifloor.com...we got our cork floors from them.

Rain stopped, siding work is back on again. I wonder how far they'll get today. I have to say I just love the fact that all of our neighbors have complemented us on it. No one else's house around here has anything like it, so it's going to stick out a little bit. But now with everyone's feedback, I am doubly happy we made the decision we did. It looks kind of New England-y. (Pictures coming, I swear.)

I've put some thought against the backsplash...rather than going red, I think we're leaning toward a lighter color now. Maybe cream colored subway tiles, done in a herringbone pattern. But with a red grout. Would that look weird? I want to get red into it but I do want it to brighten up the dark woods a bit. I'll try to post a pic of the kitchen so I can get some feedback. (I'll take a pic once it's a little neater than it is right now.)

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fink said...

i think your backsplash "energy" depends on your countertops- if you've got a solid color countertop, you can liven up the backsplash with colored grout and a lot of accent tiles. if you're going with a variegated countertop like a high-level granite, then simplify the backsplash.

or do a backsplash made of dry-erase board so you can just draw in the pattern du jour.