Friday, April 25, 2008

O: The Screenplay

So O set up a bunch of his Hot Wheels this morning and he was all excited about them sitting there parked, so I asked him what was up and he told me they were going to watch a movie. I was feeding G and he asked J to join us to watch the movie. The "plot" as he described it is below, which came freely out of his mouth and in response to questions from me & J.

(Note: spelling of character names is clearly just my best guess. )

The cars bang together, fly into the air and when they crash into each other, they blow up.

The hospital truck takes them to the hospital (not an ambulance).

The helicopter helps turtles that are sick in the water, swimming turtles, that are on the sand, sick. The helicopter brings them to the turtle hospital, and when they are better, the helicopter brings them back to the river. The helicopter lady is a little short and thin and named Ryganna.

The fire truck's driver's name is Grogratchino, and he helps put out the fire on the houses. When the fire guys hear the alarm ring, they slide down the fire pole and drive to the fire and put the the alarm on the truck so everybody can hear them when they put out the fire. They say "stop, drop, and roll."

There is a bad robot in the movie, Rogina. If you take the key out of him he won't work. A car grabbed the keys and he doesn't work anymore because he was a bad robot. He is bad because his head goes "zhht" and then "pheeuww" he can shoot fire out of his head. He shoots bad cars.

And there's a train in the movie, named Nodina-Nodot-Notee. Grodini-Grodi is the driver's name. The train has a little tiny hand to break they tiny robots that are bad.

The people drink wine in their house...the dad drinks wine. In our house, Dad drinks wine.
--Actually, I think this was referring to the fact that the viewing was in our home and not a movie theater. I can't explain why my three year old is concerned about wine.--

(When I informed him that I actually drink wine too, he said "not much". Good to know his perceptions on that.)

Anyhow, he's never told us how it ends, or how all the plot lines work together, but a nice start, nonetheless. If anyone wants to use it, you have to pay for his college education.

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