Thursday, June 12, 2008

Waking Up Not at Home

Today was the first day, being away for work, that I've woken up without my kids. Weird!

Feels like any other business trip but it's still hard, particularly being away from first time without her overnight. I weathered it much more successfully than I expected, both emotionally and from an organizational perspective.

Meetings this morning and then heading home. I'm ready. It's funny. I'm the only female here, with 11 guys. (Not that I haven't encountered this before in my's a little like deja vu.) All of the daddies are just psyched to be at the casino, roll some craps. It's not that these guys aren't good dads--I think they all are, for sure--but it's just different.

I don't think I'm simply chest-beating when I say that my husband hates being away from the kids, too. O gave him a hard time because he was traveling this week too, and it clearly got to him.

I'm going to try to enjoy the drive home. Enjoy the beautiful weather if you're local!


Kwana said...

I hope you enjoyed the trip and the drive.

pve design said...

I remember those early years and being away on trips-I told my boys that they should look at the moon at night and the sun in the morning and thats how they would know that Mommy would be looking at the same moon and sun and stars. It helped all of us!
May the force be with you! Homecomings are always sweet at any age!