Sunday, June 8, 2008

HOT as H-E-Double Hockey Stick

With most of the renovation behind us, one would think that there was little risk of complete discomfort and/or displacement at this point.

Nope, as O would put it.

We're having record highs today...likely tomorrow, the next day. It is supposed to reach 100 degrees tomorrow. We have no AC in the house.

Our seemingly useless contractor's project manager has been trying to get the HVAC guy here since February. This, from the pack of fools that gave him the final check without him finishing all the work. To top it off, our old AC unit, that we were planning to re-use for our upstairs, has disappeared from the property. Yes, you read that right. Disappeared.

How something called a "one and a half-ton unit" disappears into thin air, particularly when a brand new one is sitting right next to it, seems a bit, well, fishy, no?

We have a 3 1/2 month old baby, and C and I are supposed to go to work and leave our kids and our nanny in this sweltering house? I have too much guilt about that. I don't know what to do.

C called him Friday, asked him to step up like a professional and finish the job. He spoke with him again tonight. He should be here at 9:30am tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed for us. It's brutal in here.

* Photo from No, I have no idea who that guy is.


Kwana said...

No way!!! That is just crazy. Please let me know how it works out and you've got a friend up the street with a/c if it gets to hot in there. No problem.

pve design said...

n- just bring the family and come up the hill, not a problem, seriously - you will be cool as a cucumber!