Thursday, June 19, 2008

Time, Not Treasures

O's teachers would always send home a note each week to all the parents, letting us know what they did all week in class. I always loved reading it, seeing what books they read, what songs they learned, what they tried to do and of course what they learned and experienced.

Preschool ended a couple weeks ago, and we received a final note from the teachers. It contained a poem by Terry Graham, which I thought encapsulated the simple things to remember when you are trying to raise a child well. The basics, if you will. It's a little silly, but sweet.

Watch and wait and listen,
As I learn and grow.

Know when to let me have my way,
And when to tell me "No!"

Help me when I need you,
But it's ok to let me cry.

I will never learn to do things,
If I never get to try!

Give me your time, not your treasures,
Read me a story or two.

And remember that being my parents
Is a most special job to do!

As we navigate through the changes and emotions of "almost four"...this is a good reality check on the important things in both your lives. Go hug your kids and read them a book.


pve design said...

never too old for a story.

Kwana said...

Lovely post. Thanks N.