Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Renovation: The Beginning

It's time.

Here are some pictures of our house pre-renovation and early renovation. It was sold to us in 2004 as an "other"...basically an adjusted cape; one portion of the tiny top was pushed out to create a master bedroom. (Really the selling point of the house, truth be told.) The first picture is actually of a guy taking a tree down behind our house, but it's one of the few digital pictures I have of the exterior finish. Vinyl siding and plastic shutters.

Next photo, albeit blurry, a picture of two of the guys with our first wall ripped open. This was our old dining area, next to the old minuscule kitchen. Note our chandelier still intact. Which now hangs in our new foyer.

The third photo shows the driveway side of our house in the build stage. The entire area to the right didn't exist, and to the left, they had to tear down the walls of our sunroom and reconstruct them...they were a disaster (rotten, leaky, etc).

The fourth photo shows the other facing side of our house (we have a corner lot). Our front door - really the door to an old closed-in porch that became an interior portion of the house with the last owner - was where the plywood is located here. The funny thing is, this is the side of the house where our front door should be, since our address is for this elevation, not the driveway side. The pile of rocks is where the steps were...which were also horrible; they had no landing so every time I opened the door for someone I practically threw them down the steps.

I'll post some additional entries this week to bring you all up to speed. :0)

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Kwana said...

Yay! Love reno pics! I barely remember it as it was.