Sunday, June 1, 2008

Fashion Chat with the Sister-in-Law

We went to the wedding on Saturday (that one I had nothing to wear to...and if you kept reading, I did find something...I added an embellishment a la Sex & the City...I guess I was unknowingly inspired since I didn't put the flower thing together with that until after I bought it) and we had an absolute blast. It's always lovely to have someone new join the family that you really like--in this case, one of C's (many) cousins on his mom's side added a husband. We're so happy for them.

I was sitting next to my glam sis-in-law (that's her right there), who lives in DC and has a life very different from mine, and she tells me she reads this every day-ish or so, which makes me so happy. Love that. And then she told me she had her picture on a long-running blog from the DC area recently, Project Beltway, for a benefit they attended. (I've just realized it's for the Humane Society; they've got a kitty & a pup. Makes sense.) Had to look.

Of course it was all about the shoes. She is the lovely lady in red on this post with the killer shoes featured. Killer, literally...sounds like they quoted my dear bro-in-law on the blog...take a read. She said she had a max 2 1/2 hour limit in them...and they kind of rocked back and forth!? (and this is not a gal who shies from heels)

Hell, I'll do some bad-ass heels myself...I think it's an indulgence for women, the range we are allowed to get away with compared to men is a wonderful thing -- but I'm going to say she's way braver than me on this one. Would ya, could ya?


pve design said...

I can't decide who looks fresher, that flower or the two of you gorgeous gals!

Kwana said...

So glad you had fun at wedding. You looked fab. I loved checking out project beltway. Those shoes were Cra-a-zy! I wish I could even dare.