Sunday, June 22, 2008

Renovation: Back Inside - Living in De-construction

Now. These photos are from October--I know, I know--but I'm catching up, aren't I? It's starting to cool down, but if you recall we had a rather temperate Fall around these parts.

First I'll give you a glimpse of how lovely our exterior looked once the majority of siding came down. Mmmm. House was built in 1945. Old. It should be mentioned that the second story to the above left is the master bedroom area, which was added in the early 90s.

The next three photos are: the family room (expanded and opened up to include the sunroom, which is where our old front door entered the you see the cracks between the plywood?

...a wider shot of the now completely opened up sunroom area (our fireplace is to the right in this shot)....

And this little yellow room...what was that again?...oh yes, our KITCHEN. Still functioning. I think it was a rainy day when I took these. Cheery place to live, no? Ugh.

All I can think when I look back at this is, poor O. What a good, good sport he was.


pve design said...

I would love to see your chimney be covered on fieldstone. No job is too small.

Kwana said...

O was a great sport but I think it's because you're a great mom.

googs said...

"House was built in 1945. Old."

The Kentagon turns 100 this year (built in 1908)