Wednesday, June 25, 2008

G is Four Months Old

And clearly...a very girly ballerina.

Four months was actually Saturday. Fun frippery courtesy of Aunt P and Uncle L.


Kwana said...

Oh G you are too cute for words!

Didi said...

ok, didn't realize you literally JUST had a baby. & you're already back to work? no wonder you're sleep deprived.

Marie Louise said...

Hi, I'm just discovering your blog. O and G are too sweet for words. My kids are a little older. I do miss having a little baby - until the middle of the night when I get to actually sleep! I see you are doing some renovations on the house - hope you are surviving the juggle - hang in there!

N said...

Thanks for the love for baby girl, all.

Marie Louise--nice to "e-meet" you...and nice to have a CT native on the beat. Me too. Thanks for the kind words!