Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Begin the Day with the Thought that the World is Good

I can attest to that. You hear enough crud out there that it's not...but I do start the day with, and teach my kids the idea that people are generally good. (Ok, I do make sure they know that bad people are out there too, but most likely something made them like that.)

First, let me let those who've checked in on us know that we HAVE gotten A/C on the first floor. The top floor is steamy, but getting better (as I write this immediately following some major thunderstorms). So it is tolerable living here, and during the day the kids are with J and stay downstairs. Cool.

A lovely new neighbor--I shouldn't say new, she lived here before I did!--who has been introduced to me by a friend, reads this blog (and I, hers). We haven't met yet, but I expect to soon, and we typically correspond through postings and email.

She called me out of the blue and opened her home to me and my family in the heat. Welcomed us to come over to enjoy her A/C. It was so thoughtful and generous of her. And the reality is...she is not the only one. We've had a good handful of friends that know the situation offer to take care of us...we even got treated to dinner in our friends' A/C'd house this weekend.

I don't know if we're just lucky, but that can't be true as often as I think it.

Thanks everyone, it really means so much.


pve design said...

hey, what are friends for?

Kwana said...

N, so glad the first floor is cool. ahh!