Saturday, June 28, 2008

Arrrgh! Pirate Party!

O's birthday party (parties) were today (Saturday), followed by a family party later. We had a great time at both.

The kids' party was great. Some highlights:
  • Food. We opted to take a chance and cook for the kids. We made homemade mac & cheese, mini-burgers (they weren't really sliders since they were rounder), salad. Other snacky stuff. Went over very well with the kids and the parents. I just couldn't bring myself to default to pizza, and I'm happy we didn't.
  • Entertainment. If you live in this area, and you have a young'un that you need to entertain at a birthday party...check out Zev Haber. Kids of a range of ages absolutely love him, and the parents do too. He's kind of like a musical Ben Stiller for kids. I hope he takes that as a compliment, it's meant to be.
  • Treats. I made cupcakes (decorated with O's help), rather than having a cake. (I ordered one from Riviera Bakehouse for the family party.) The frosting was a cream-cheese buttercream which was the recipe from Martha. But what really rocked was that we decorated them with personalized m&m's that I ordered. (if you already read this, I deleted the photo.) Instead...check out how easy it is here.
The kids were so good. It was wonderful. Love the at-home party.


Kwana said...

Happy Birthday to O! He's the bestest! Sounds like a great party.

fink said...

mini-burgers- love it!

happy b'day O man! ARRRGH!

didi said...

you couldn't bring yourself to order pizza b/c your parents raised you right ;) probably the 1st homemade meal those kids have ever had...

& btw, what a cutie he is - where did the head full of blonde come from?