Friday, June 13, 2008

On Working from Home: Seasonality

It's true that the summer makes things better in so many ways. This may not be as applicable, or perhaps even the reverse is true, if you happen to live in a perpetually sunny clime--but here in the Northeast, I feel like the quality of life increases exponentially when the warm weather arrives. Mmm. Pretty mini-roses in my yard.

It certainly affects working from home. That sounds a little odd...or perhaps even unprofessional, but let me explain.

I work from home some days, as you know if you read this. I have an "office" of sorts...where I can close the door and seal off the kids/nanny/playdates/etc. With that said, sometimes it gets a little loud; I can still manage to block it out mentally, but I have to give the high sign to J when I have a conference call so I can make sure I have peace and quiet. Usually they will go upstairs to play (now a viable option since we actually have human-size bedrooms up there).

But spring, summer...the options multiply. You can all go outside. Oh, the benefits. You get the much needed focus-time, and your kids get fresh air...or, you get fresh air: take that conference call outside on your patio if you have a quiet neighborhood.

Mandatory for option maximization: wireless for your house to tote that work-issued laptop around, and an outdoor outlet to plug in when the battery is dying but the weather isn't.


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pve design said...

home-body here, love working from home, on my own, my own time, whenever I want wherever I want, inside, outside...! Love the seasons when the doors can be flung open, the smell of grass, the chirping birds, and the light!