Saturday, July 19, 2008

Why Everyone Should Own an American Express Card

I've always loved AmEx. So does C.

9am this morning (yes, a Saturday), I get a call. Answer the phone and I hear:
"Please wait for an important message from American Express." So, I wait.

A rep gets on and tells me she's from account security. Uh-oh.

Seems as if someone got a hold of my account number and has been attempting to charge a few things to my card. I say attempting because as it turns out, AmEx was able to realize that it wasn't me for whatever reason, and nothing was actually cleared. They tried to use it at, 800flowers, netflix...places I don't really shop at.

I got off the phone in 9 minutes and 10 seconds. In that time:
  • I was alerted that fraudulent charges were attempted on my card.
  • I was given detail of these charges to see if I could identify them.
  • My card was cancelled.
  • I was transferred to another rep that actually knew what the situation was.
  • This rep issued a new card and arranged delivery.
  • I'll have a new card by Monday EOD via UPS (no cost for the rush delivery).
  • All this was done very courteously and professionally.
Seriously. And I don't even have a fancy card...just a rewards green.

I am rarely impressed (genuinely) with customer service. People don't pay enough attention any more. American Express is one of the very few that have never disappointed me.


pve design said...

Glad to hear your story and that all ended well! Good to hear that service does exist today. One of my favorite things is my AE card and the feeling that I go when it arrived!

Fifi Flowers said...

Scary... but wonderful it was caught in time... unfortunately for us... my hubby had his identity sold... what a mess!
Your post sounds like AMEX should have you in a commercial!