Friday, July 11, 2008

Summer Fireflies

I guess it took me so long to post this week because I was waiting for something great to post about.

We had the best time tonight after dinner on the patio, running about with my son (and running the daughter with us), chasing fireflies. O has actually gotten the hang of catching them gently, watching them, and releasing them to see them light up as they fly away.

Do you see it? I actually caught the firefly in the shot. (Yes, I'm proud of that.)

C and I often followed them about our yard, even before we had kids. There's something so charming about them. Is there a human on earth that doesn't enjoy them?

It was just one of those times that was perfect, in parenting-land.

Go find some fireflies this summer.


Kwana said...

What a great picture. It sounds like a perfect summer night.

pve design said...

Summer evenings like these are magical moments!
Catching fireflies, making home-made ice cream and being outdoors under a canopy of stars provide simply perfect pictures at any age.