Tuesday, July 15, 2008

More Good Readin'

I've added another blog down there on the right. Comes via recommendation of Finkipedia.

Social Technologies. Oh yeah, well, maybe it doesn't sound all that compelling to some of you. Give it a shot. You will be surprised on what it sparks in your head. It certainly tickles my marketing funnybones.

I had dipped in a few times and found the content interesting. You see, Social Technologies is a futurist group (firm?). They advise companies, governments, etc. on what's coming up next. This is their blog, called ChangeWaves.

I could perhaps use them with regard to figuring out what my future should look like. I think I may get the book featured in their post today, called Escape From Corporate America. On second thought, I really don't work in corporate America. But it's a good thought anyhow.


googs said...

Hey--thanks for reading and linking!


fink said...

and thanks for hopscotching!

btw- your girl's a beaut! but with her lineage, we knew that would happen.

N said...

Aww, thanks guys! I do enjoy that I have some readership, so it's al about sharing the love.

Fink, flattery will get you everywhere. When are you visiting? Call us!