Sunday, July 6, 2008

Summer Has Finally, Officially, Arrived

And by that I mean the entertaining vibe is on.

There is nothing we like better than having friends over for food, drinks, and just getting silly and talking for way too long. We were blessed with being able to do it twice this weekend.

One thing I've done for years is clip recipes from anywhere I find them. Most of the time they get filed away until I am ready to dig in and need inspiration (I am very much one of those "what is on sale/fresh this week or what is in the fridge, they are coming in a 1/2 hour" folks). You can imagine how delighted I was to stumble upon the following in the ol' recipe box.

I found a recipe from Jacques Pepin from Food & Wine for fromage fort. Simple and fast, it is about the greatest appetizer I can imagine. Because I hate wasting food. Especially good snacking food, like good cheese. It went over very well on Saturday and will be in my recurring repertoire.

Side story on Jacques Pepin (who I love to watch)...he rented a beach cottage next to my friend's place in CT years ago when we were young. I wish I had the appreciation for this man at that age, and for food, as I would have been knocking on his door asking him to teach me to cook.

Now this weekend didn't really serve up the best weather for taking advantage of the patio. But we'll get out there soon, I'm sure.

Hope you all had a happy 4th!
Happy Birthday, USA.

Photo credit: Marc Nilsson, Food & Wine, 2004

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Kwana said...

Loved the fromage fort and the wonderful company!