Thursday, July 17, 2008

G: Solid Food!

Whew, it's a milestone every other day here.

Little miss G had her doc's appt yesterday with our fave pediatrician, and weighed in at 16 lbs 4 oz. Nice and healthy, but not too big at all.

She has been reaching for our dinner (and breakfast, and lunch) plates for at least a month and giving us this "not fair!" look for some time, too, when we are eating in front of her. So we got the green light for orange vegetables from her doc yesterday, but waited until today to try it out since she seemed a little feverish/off from her immunizations yesterday.

For those who are thinking, "what? no cereal?", our pediatrician said she is getting enough iron via her formula at this point, so why not...give her the good stuff.

Here is G right after her first bites of sweet potato. No crying, just messiness. She'll get a hang of it soon. Go, little girl!

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pve design said...

Did you know that all the taste buds exist all around the mouth on the outside, hence why babies always seem to have more food on the outside than in.
What a cutie, miss the days when I could feed them!