Monday, July 28, 2008

Dark Chocolate: The Answer? Or the Question?

There are a few things that I think reveal much about a person.

Some key indicators, if you will, are likes, or dislikes. C and I have often commented that one can likely boil down a psychological profile to simple everyday preferences that somehow really strongly indicate a personality "type."

One of these is chocolate. Think about it. You know people who:
  • Don't enjoy chocolate at all.
  • Prefer chocolate bars/candy over other chocolate foodstuffs, or conversely, have an aversion to the solid stuff.
  • Have a preference for dark, milk, or white chocolate (white chocolate can be considered a chocolate for those about to debate it...the difference is that white chocolate doesn't contain chocolate liquor; but it should - unless it's made cheaply - contain cacao butter).
We are dark chocolate people. O eats it too, though he is not as discretionary as C & I are. I personally have zero desire to eat any variation of milk chocolate. I'll typically go no-chocolate before I go milk chocolate. And well beyond a Hershey Special bar...give me 70%+ cocoa and I'm happiest. Not entirely bitter, but a somewhat bitter is just fine. Too sweet or full of non-natural additives...ick.

I truly believe that dark chocolate is a personality "type". Ok, yes...right now it's being marketed as being good for your health, blah blah blah. Maybe it is, but it's right up there with me liking pomegranates before that news broke.

So what does it mean? Now, no one take offense. This is hardly scientific; I've done zero research on this. C and I feel that you can cut a wide swath through our friends and family and...yup...dark chocolate. It's like there's a gene or something. We don't discriminate, I mean, hey, we have plenty of non-dark chocolaters in our life, but it just so happens we run in more "dark chocolate" circles.

Here are a couple links I just dug up, realizing that it's always a little more interesting with some back-up:
Are we crazy? Do you agree?


pve design said...

Did someone say ---- chocolate, dark chocolate,
I never discriminate. A blogger recently posted about a chocolate bar with bacon. Bacon would also be a love. A blt, followed by a square of dark chocolate.
Love it.

Kwana said...

I have to say I'm more of a Hershey's girl but growing up into a dark chocolate lover as I age. Does that make sense? According to the sites it does. I really don't like bitter dark though. I took the quiz and it turns out I'm a chocolate romantic. Who isn't?

N said...

I think it totally makes sense. Less sweet for a "mature" palate...but to pve's point...appreciate it all.